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“The Morris Center changed his/her life”

is the most common response we receive after our TMC team’s treatment program


The Morris Center Ocala, Florida and newly opened in summer 2021, The Morris Center Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (904 834-2482)

For 30+ years, The Morris Center (TMC) offers leading transdisciplinary team clinics (Ocala, FL, Trinidad and Tobago, Birmingham, AL at The Morris Center @ Alabama Game Changers (a nonprofit), and newly opened in Summer 2021 at Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (904 834-2482). TMC services include OT, Speech, Clinical Psychology, and Neuropsychology Transdisciplinary Team assessment and treatment of all Neurodevelopmental Disorders and learning difficulties. A free consult helps us learn your students’ needs.

Dyslexia, Language Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, Learning Disorders, Mood or Anxiety, Problem Behaviors, Down Syndrome or NF-I learning challenges, Autism and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders are best understood (assessments) and improved (treatments) by a whole Transdisciplinary Team using evidence-based science; the science of how the brain best learns and improves weak skills and abilities into strengths – more strengths gives more skills and closes the gap in Dyslexia and learning difficulties. Let other parents explain how much TMC’s team improved their child, teen’s or young adult’s skills and abilities.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders. A free consult helps us learn your students’ needs.

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Disabling Dyslexia

Disabling Dyslexia

Just what is it like for your child to have “life changing” outcomes from The Morris Center?

This mom blogs about three children (her son, daughter and nephew) preparing to come to a The Morris Center clinic and then attending TMC and then completing TMC and then returning home and the new outcomes that occurred even after leaving TMC and back in their own school.

Dr. Conway explains #DyslexiaScience to 300+ professors at University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB).

Dr. Tim Conway, a neuropsychologist (with remediated Dyslexia) who is professionally trained and published in lifespan neuropsychology, neurorehabilitation, neuroimaging (SPECT, fMRI and DTI) and neurodevelopmental transdisciplinary team assessment and team treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders for children, teenagers and adults. Dr. Conway explains the systematic program of 20+ years of peer-reviewed research and 35+ years of clinical assessment and treatment services by himself and his colleagues; this published, peer-reviewed research supports the high caliber services at The Morris Center clinics and the Neuro-development of Words – NOW! Company’s online tutoring.

The road ahead.

The road ahead (click here for a road map)

Resources and information

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Dispelling Dyslexia Myths – a medical endeavor that should begin withPediatricians

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2016 International Dyslexia Conference Dr. Tim Conway Myths vs Facts of Dyslexia

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2017 IDA Conference Dr. Conway’s talk on “Evidence-based, Research-based, Consensus-based, Anecdotal…

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C22 Developmental Dyslexia Dx Treatment Prevention Evidence-based Dr. Tim Conway ASHA Conference 2016

A highly trained team that knows how to diagnose/identify and really improve skills and abilities, such as academic, language, motor, memory and others. Does this sound too good to be true? We understand, as that is a common response we hear, but we are a team lead by brain scientists and our own independently, peer-reviewed published research. Besides our professional opinions and our scientific research that supports the strong results our team achieves, we can connect you with families with children that had similar struggles. Fortunately, their child/children completed an individualized Transdisciplinary Treatment Program at The Morris Center and their child’s skills markedly improved. Please contact us to talk to other families who have been through the path you are on. Contact us now to schedule your appointment and start making improvements as soon as possible. Comprehensive consultations are provided for a fee and scheduled at your convenience.

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