NOW! Mental Imagery for Language, Comprehension, Memory and Reasoning

This treatment is designed to assist those who struggle with:

Reading comprehension

Able to read well phonetically, but cannot understand information.


Has difficulty relaying information in structured, understandable way. Often jumps around, has difficulty staying on topic.


Often puts events/information out of order, often omitting information altogether

Poor gestalt conceptualization

Can understand parts, but cannot put them together to create a main idea

Frequent re-reading

Needs multiple passes on information to understand


Often forgets material for tests and quizzes

Many children who experience difficulty with language comprehension (oral or written) are not forming mental images from the words they read and hear. They only grasp parts of oral and written language, such as a few facts or details, rather than the main idea of the information. This is referred to as weak concept imagery. The NOW! Mental Imagery program directly teaches children with L/LD how to better understand and remember language.

The NOW! Mental Imagery for Language, Comprehension, Memory and ReasoningTM successfully stimulates concept imagery (being able to make pictures in your head for a given concept presented in words). Patients become able to create images of words, sentences and paragraphs. These images are very specific and contain details addressing color, shape, size, number and even movement. This ability allows them to more exactly comprehend and remember what they hear and read. As a result, their memory for critical thinking and their ability to express themselves in oral and written language is enhanced. Creating images from text is a natural process for children who comprehend without difficulty. However, children with dyslexia often do not make images when they read as they are using excessive cognitive energy to decode.

The visual imagery begins at a basic, single-image level before moving onto single sentences, then concepts, then combining ideas into the gestalt.

A more detailed program description can be found on the NOW! Programs website

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