NOW! Math Concept Imagery

This treatment is designed to assist those who struggle with:

Basic Operations

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Math concepts

Base-10, whole numbers, fractions, equivalents & ratios.

Math relationships

Student memorizes rote information, cannot problem solve beyond what is memorized

Word problems

Student often gets lost in language, cannot comprehend what the problem ‘needs’ to be solved

Algebraic Thinking, Inferences, and Deduction

Student has difficulty mixing mathematical concepts, cannot formulate ideas from information and build from it


Concept Imagery can be generalized beyond traditional written and expressive language it can also be used as a tool for the comprehension and understanding of mathematics. Math Concept Imagery (MCI) works in tandem with the Comprehend NOW! program, utilizing a visual and kinesthetic approach to elementary math fundamentals. It presents abstract mathematical processes in tangible ways that help students easily discover and manipulate representations of numerical concepts, equations and problems.

Math is introduced using a language-based approach to help students grasp foundational concepts. This allows the student to interpret, express and reason through problems through a linguistic and conceptually-based system. Students will progress from concrete and substantive to represented and imagined, experiencing how the expressions and representations are linked. The abstract becomes real, and with the real comes the ability to rationalize and compute.

Math, by nature, is a twofold cognitive process – numeral imagery coupled with the conceptual imagery. MCI unites the two processes by imaging numeric concepts first – the sound, the symbol, and representation. The sound is interpreted and associated with the symbol, firming up the auditory and visual bond. The representation is explored through tactile activities and manipulative materials, then discovering how they relate to each other in quantitative structures [tangible and visualized]. Numbers are presented in Fact Families, illuminating the interrelated nature of mathematical concepts.

Many students struggle to grasp underlying concepts of math problems, even if they have the cognitive ability to do individual computations. Connecting the tangible to the abstract creates meaning and, subsequently, a system for students to explore and work within. It provides students the bridge between the decoding and the computation of word problems.

Treatment Options:

Using the Math Concept Imagery individualized treatment program, The Morris Centre Trinidad and Tobago will provide an individualized scope and sequence of skills to be targeted. Students will build upon language concept imagery skills and apply them across new curricula. Curriculum is designed to progress from concrete, through representational, and into abstract formats at a specialized pace based upon student performance as they move from discovery to mastery. Additional support and collaboration between the Math staff and the trans-disciplinary team occurs through weekly staffing meetings.

Math General Support/Maintenance

Family and School are responsible for providing all materials, objectives, scope and sequence to be completed while at The Morris Centre Trinidad and Tobago. Staff will work with students on general math skills to keep students current on activities otherwise learned in the classroom:

i.e. workbook pages, textbook lessons, homework or reteach assignments. Support from Trans-disciplinary team is limited in nature.

A more detailed program description can be found on the NOW! Programs website

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