Watch the testimonials below to see the powerful results achieved by The Morris Center through the use of NOW! Programs.

A twelve-year old girl with dyslexia struggling to read.

Same girl as above, one year after going through NOW! Foundations.

Testimonial from a father of an elementary school child. Another example of a skeptic turned into a believer after the powerful effects of NOW! Programs. His son completed NOW! Foundations for Speech, Language, Reading and Spelling®.

Testimonial from a family of a middle school child with dyslexia, after completing the intensive treatment program at The Morris Center in Ocala, FL. After completing NOW! Foundations, NOW! Mental Imagery®, NOW! Grammar and Writing®, and NOW! Math Concept Imagery®, his academic struggles are now behind him.

Testimonial from a family of a middle school child with dyslexia, after completing the intensive treatment program at The Morris Center in Gainesville, FL.

Testimonial from a family of an elementary school child with dyslexia, after completing the intensive treatment program at The Morris Center in Ocala, FL

Dr. Tim Conway briefly discusses the neuropsychology of dyslexia, the unique, state-of-the-art transdisciplinary approach taken by the Morris Center’s Team of licensed professionals and how research studies by The Morris Center and its clinical data show that weaker skills (poor phonological processing, reading, spelling, writing and speech) can be improved for children and adults with dyslexia.

Testimonials and Information about The Einstein School in Gainesville, FL co-founded by Dr. Tim Conway; this is a free, public charter school for children with dyslexia

A young former client and his mother discuss the difference The Morris Center made, not just in academic skills, but in general life skills: Confidence, independence, and ability to communicate.

The Morris Center helped her go from barely being understood by her family to speaking in public.??At one time, she thought she would drop out of school.??Now she’s making A’s and B’s.

Before and After

A nine-year old boy with dyslexia struggles to read. After nine weeks of NOW! Foundations, you can see the difference in his ability and confidence. (Enable closed captions to see how his rate and accuracy have improved)


“Just have to tell you that [my son’s] teachers are amazed at the complete transformation in him. The teacher said he is currently her best student in the class and the most focused and attentive! She said he is coping extremely well with his work and is actually for the first time enjoying being in school! His whole persona and self-esteem is incredible. What a transformation! Thank you to you and your team for doing such amazing work in a short (9) nine weeks! The weekly calls are helping and he looks forward every time to seeing his Morris Center teachers who he grew so very fond of. He still talks about them all the time.” Mother, Trinidad and Tobago

“[He] received is final report for the last school term and I am pleased to say that he got two A pluses, one A and B!!! He continues to excel and most importantly he loves going to school! He is enjoying his school days now and his entire self-esteem has been renewed. Thank you again for your amazing work. Please give my regards to the entire team in Gainesville! [he] misses them and still talks about them all the time. He wishes we could spend the summer there again!” – Mother, Trinidad and Tobago

“I hope all is well. I wanted to tell you I met with [boy’s] teacher tonight about [his] progress. She is so impressed with his success from working with the Morris Center over the Summer, Erin’s visit and his continued success Skyping. I was waiting for this and prayed for it. She is motivated to help me with getting NOW into Foundation Academy. I hope you are still interested. [He] is happier than ever and loving school. I will let you know more this coming week with the progress we make. Thank you for your time and the work you do. I can’t express enough what a difference it has made in [his] life and our family. Every child should have this opportunity, if not all at least a part of NOW. – Mother, FL

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