Why The Morris Center is Different

The Morris Center’s unique and powerful features include the following:

1. All staff providing treatment are licensed or supervised professionals in their specialty fields (Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, Education, Neuropsychology, Nursing, Nurse Practitioning).

Most educational/tutor centers are unable to employ licensed professionals with expertise in their fields of study; Successfully improving reading, spelling, language, sensory/motor, visual, writing and comprehension abilities are VERY complex skills that are not easily improved by a layperson or even an educator.

2. The Morris Center is one of the only clinics in the USA that has completed and published results from three 5-year government funded research studies.

A. the successful prevention of dyslexia in children B. powerful remediation of dyslexia in elementary school students. C. significant improvement in BOTH accuracy and reading fluency in children with dyslexia. 40% of these students were staffed out of ESE/Special Ed services after The Morris Center’s treatment; nationally, only 5% of students with an IEP/Special Education services ever leave their special classes and graduate to return to regular education classes. Most tutoring/educational centers have no research evidence that their methods actually work and the few centers that do have some research have not been able to show the same amount of improvements that was demonstrated by The Morris Center’s methods

3. The Morris Center’s average gains in reading abilities are at or above 1 full grade level of reading and phonological processing per month of treatment.

This equates to an improvement of 22-28 standard score points in only a few months of treatment.The Morris Center’s methods target the likely cause of the learning difficulties and do NOT teach compensatory skills for working around weaker skills/abilities. Many educational/tutoring clinics report average gains of only 5-7 standard score points, less than a 1/4 of the gains typically achieved at The Morris Center

4. Other research published by The Morris Center includes the successful neuro-rehabilitation of reading impairments that were caused by a stroke in a series of adults including brain imaging evidence of the rewiring of the brain that was achieved by The Morris Center’s methods.

Most tutoring/educational centers have never attempted to help such severely impaired individuals and have not published such treatment results in professional, peer-reviewed journals. The Morris Center employs staff with experience in treatment across all demographics of the population.

5. The Morris Center is a transdisciplinary team of professionals who have created a shared model of the neurodevelopment of essential attention, sensory and motor skills/processing/perception, language, social and achievement abilities.

It is the combination of the expertise of the team, the shared model, highly individualized treatment plans that are based on assessment results, and the caliber of the research-based treatment programs that help clients of The Morris Center to produce remarkable and long-lasting gains. Most educational/tutoring centers do not have licensed professionals and cannot offer integrated treatment services.

6. Only The Morris Center offers treatment using the research-based program called the “Neuro-Development of Words – NOW!”

The Morris Center has created and perfected the NOW! programs, able to adapt the program to the needs of the client.

7. The majority of The Morris Center’s business is from word-of-mouth referrals from past clients.

Many of our past clients or parents of past clients are more than happy to speak directly with prospective clients of The Morris Center to share their personal experience and long-term outcomes of the positive treatment effects from The Morris Center’s professional team.

8. The Morris Center understands and treats the complexity of learning disabilities.

Recent research indicates that 50-70% of children with language-based learning difficulties will also have ADHD and/or sensory motor/sensory processing difficulties. Co-treating learning difficulties, attention difficulties and sensory motor/sensory processing difficulties can be accomplished through an integrated treatment program at The Morris Center. Educational/tutoring centers do not have licensed professionals and cannot provide co-treatment of these other difficulties. ADHD and sensory motor/sensory processing difficulties can interfere with treatment success, unless they are also successfully treated with research-based methods.

9. The Morris Center custom designs a treatment program to match the specific needs of a child or adult and only provides the treatments and services that is agreed to by the adult client or the child client’s parents.

The Morris Center can operate as an a la carte provider of services. Most tutoring/educational centers have either a “one size fits all” or a limited range of corporate treatment programs that have not been evaluated by peer-reviewed research professionals or published in professional research journals.

10. The Morris Center gets rave reviews from clients and treats a national and international clientele.

Recent English-speaking clients have come to The Morris Center not just from Florida, but across the United States, but also internationally, including Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago. The Morris Center welcomes the diversity.