Would Occupational Therapy Help Your Child?

Occupational Therapy is a wonderful way to help meet a child’s sensory, gross motor, fine motor, and skills of daily living needs, but is it right for your child? Let’s find out!

1. Does your child frequently trip, fall, stumble or is more clumsy than peers?

2. Do you find that your child has challenges with certain types of clothing or is very choosy about what they wear beyond preferred fashion choices?

3. Does your child struggle with personal space or do they frequently hit or climb on others?

4. Does your child struggle to complete age appropriate self-care tasks (brushing teeth, brushing hair, getting dressed?) more so than same aged peers?

5. Is it challenging for your child to copy from the board in school?

6. Does your child struggle with handwriting or complain of hand pain after writing?

7. Is it generally a challenge for your child to slow down their movements- are they frequently spinning, crashing, or struggling with sitting still appropriately?

8. Is it challenging for your child to copy your movements (with their mouth for teeth brushing or with their body for general movements) beyond what is age appropriate?

There are many reasons why a child would benefit from OT beyond this list; however, if you are noticing that some of these sound familiar to you and your family, your child might benefit from a skilled occupational therapy evaluation.