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The Morris Center uses the research-based, highly effective programs created by the NOW! Company. They are designed to follow a neurodevelopmental model of language acquisition and mastery. For more information on the NOW! Company, please visit the NOW! Programs website.

Comments from Teachers who Learned the NOW! ProgramsTM

“FABULOUS!” – Kindergarten teacher with 18 years experience

“This is an excellent training experience!” – Kindergarten/grade 2 teacher. 17 years experience

“The 2 courses are ‘the answer’ and simply the best trainings I’ve taken since graduate school. You did a wonderful job last week and appreciate both your skill and passion for this. Thanks!! [SLP with over 15 years’ experience]

“This is absolutely marvelous! I only wish I had this training so much earlier in my career. What a difference it would have made.” – Kindergarten teacher, 32 years experience

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School Involvement and Education

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Dr. Conway oversees a team of professionals through a separate company, Neuro-development of Words – NOW!®, that offers training courses for families, teachers, speech-language pathologists, other professionals and paraprofessionals. These courses offer guidance on how to use truly research-based programs to either prevent learning difficulties (4 and 5 year-olds), remediate learning difficulties (children in ESE or special needs placements) or enrich language and learning skills (children of all ages) and improve core phonological, reading and spelling skills that are essential for exceptional achievement across ALL curriculum content classes.

These uniquely designed training courses offer state-of-the-art insight to the neurology and neuropsychology of the brain, e.g. “how does the brain learn to read?” and “why does it learn in those ways?” and, most importantly, “what can I do to help most ALL of my students efficiently and effectively learn?”

Teachers that fully understand: how the brain is designed for learning, how to maximize the scientific principles of neural plasticity to improve a child/client’s learning abilities and functional skills, and how to accurately determine a child/client’s learning strengths and weaknesses, more effectively implement research-based programs that improve weaker skills and develop stronger functional abilities in a classroom, home and in occupational settings.

Perfect for Intervention: MTSS /RtI / SBT

NOTE: we do NOT promote helping children to accommodate or compensate for their weak skills – new research-based methods indicate we can do better than that and actually help students IMPROVE their weaker skills. Our research proves it’s possible to improve weaker skills even for children performing in the lowest levels (bottom 12th percentile of their class or lower). Clinically, we have numerous case studies of helping children who are “gifted” but struggle with dyslexia/learning disabilities to largely improve their skills. Additionally, we have similar data/success with professionals who still struggle with dyslexia in their adult life, e.g. doctors, professors, first responders, surgeons, etc…

From Science to the Classroom – utilizing Dr. Conway’s knowledge and experience, professional development training courses are available to bridge the gap between science and education by providing integrated training in theory and practicum. Dr. Conway has helped implement these research-based programs in a school environment for over 15 years, serving as a founder and volunteer President of the Board of Directors of The Einstein School in Gainesville, Florida. This tuition-free, public charter school serves children with developmental dyslexia, learning disabilities, language disorders and other language-based learning difficulties that prevent children from reaching their full potential – unless their weak language skills are strengthened. To learn more about the success of The Einstein School in implementing the methods and programs provided Dr. Conway and his team from the Neuro-development of Words – NOW!® Company, visit the Testimonials Page.

Research strongly supports that the gap between scientific research and current educational practices is the real cause for children’s failure to develop language and learning skills at their true potential. Training courses empower teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to bring scientific methods into the classroom to both help children succeed academically and for teachers to make fully informed decisions about curriculum and intervention.
Recently, Dr. Conway presented to Oak Hammock at the University of Florida on neuropsychology and the benefits of Mental Imagery skills at any age and the importance of overall brain health.

It’s never too late for research-based programs

The principles of neural plasticity that dominate the learning of an 8 year-old child are still evident in the learning of an 80 year-old adult.

Essentially, neurons that “wire together then begin to fire together.” Functional neuroimaging has clearly documented evidence of improved neural networks of activity in the adult’s brain in response to new learning or new skill development. Unless the proper treatment is received, a child with learning difficulties typically grows up to be an adult with learning difficulties. Many adults choose professions that utilize their stronger cognitive abilities and minimize their learning difficulties. However, with the proper treatment, these learning difficulties can be improved for adults. Making weaker skills stronger can provide the adult with a greater range of functional abilities which may lead to greater occupational opportunities.

Regardless of age, learning barriers or learning difficulties can be improved so they no longer hinder functional skills, academic pursuits, and occupational or professional choices. Many adults with learning difficulties pass up job promotions or choose careers so that their learning difficulties will not be noticeable. However, with proper treatment, significant improvements in cognitive abilities can occur and learning weaknesses or barriers can be removed.

Previous Training and Current Commitments

Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (2005-2011)

The Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System provides diagnostic, instructional, and technology support services to district exceptional education programs and families of students with disabilities.

FDLRS-Springs was provided with training for General Education and Special Education. The educators were taught NOW! Foundations and NOW! Mental Imagery® skills as well as how to apply these methods in a classroom setting.

Florida School Districts — Alachua/Levy/Marion Counties (2000-2014)

Professional training was held for staff and administrators in NOW! FoundationsTM and NOW! Mental Imagery®. The Center also provided ongoing support by following up with the educators while they were in school and helped them to use their new language skills to identify students who may potentially have a language disability.

Dyslexia Association of Trinidad and Tobago (2005, 2007, 2010-2013)

The Dyslexia Association is a volunteer organization which was formed in 1990 by a group of teachers and parents concerned for their dyslexic children. The Dyslexia Association is a Registered Charity.

The Center provides ongoing training and support in NOW! Foundations® and NOW! Mental ImageryTM to parents, professionals, educators and private tutors.

Dyslexia Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Multi Disciplinary Training Program (MDTP) at the University of Florida

The Multidisciplinary Diagnostic and Training Program (MDTP) is a Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources (FDLRS) specialized university center at the University of Florida in the College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics funded by the Florida Department of Education. FDLRS/UF Multidisciplinary Diagnostic & Training Program (MDTP) is a specialized diagnostic and training center that serves school-aged children and adolescents with complex learning, behavioral, medical and socio-emotional problems, their families, teachers, and schools.

Training in NOW! Foundations and NOW! Mental Imagery was provided, as well as how to apply these methods to an educational setting.

Multi Disciplinary Training Program

Schools that attended lectures or participated in teacher training courses on NOW! Programs include the following:”

Archer Elementary
Ambleside Schools
Bellview Middle School
Blessed Trinity
Chiles Elementary
Citrus Springs Elementary
DeSoto High School
Eighth Street Elementary
Greenway Elementary
High Springs Elementary
Inverness Primary
Kanapaha Middle
Metcalfe Elementary
St. Patrick’s
Trenton Elementary
Williston Elementary
Williston High School
Bell Elementary
Bell Middle School
Bullock Elementary
Bronson Elementary
Chiefland Elementary
Crystal River Middle School
Einstein School
Ft. King Middle
Hidden Oak Elementary
Homasassa Elementary
Inverness Middle School
Meadowbrook Elementary
South Ocala Elementary
Talbot Elementary
Whispering Winds
Williston Middle
The Villages Charter Schools

Other Professional Associations:

  • Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
  • International Dyslexia Association (IDA)
  • International Neuropsychological Society (INS)
  • Jacksonville Area Speech Pathology Association (JASPA)
  • Marion County Exceptional Student Education Department (MCPS ESED)
  • North East Florida Education Consortium (NEFEC)
  • University of Florida Disability Resource Center (DRC)
  • University of Florida Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Training Program (MDTP)
  • Santa Fe College (SFC)
  • Woodford County Special Education Association (WCSEA)
  • Florida Diagnostic Learning Resource System – FDLRS: Springs

Employee Development Workshops

NOW! Company offers training in the research-proven programs used at The Morris Center that specialize in the foundational approach to language acquisition, research-based treatments and evaluations, as well as skill-based instruction to strengthen memory, word retrieval, and expressive language. They are intentionally designed to help maximize the potential of students as well as other treatments or programs used in the reading progress.

Custom workshops will improve your team’s skills, which can decrease training time for new employees, increase employee retention and upward mobility as well as increase employee morale. We offer research-based answers to your questions about how to improve employees’ reading, writing, comprehension and communication abilities. Our team can hold training seminars on-site at The Morris Center or visit your place of employment to conduct workshops within your work station.

What people are saying about our training:

“I was highly impressed with the presenters’ enthusiasm and patience!”
(Kindergarten teacher – 13 years of experience)

“I just want you to know that the light bulb lit up whenever you said to use NOW! Foundations TM as a tool to aid students in becoming better spellers and writers. That is exactly what I have been doing since that day, and I am so pleased with the results.”

Today, during my observation, I used my highest Guided Reading group as “trainers…” It was so awesome to watch (and to hear) them become the teacher, and have success doing so! I should have taken pictures of their smiles! Thank you again.” (Kindergarten Teacher – Levy County)

“This training will be so helpful for our Kindergarten students. I am so excited to have this knowledge! I am eager to use it.” (Kindergarten teacher – 30 years of experience)

“The explicit instruction on how we should move our mouths, hands, lips, tongue, and teeth to model letter sounds for our students, so they can make a better [neural] connection – map & eventually become great readers.” (Kindergarten teacher – 25 years of experience)

“This was a very intense training that was presented so well. [You have] great presenters. I have learned so much!” (Kindergarten teacher – 17 years of experience)

“Thank you so much for the information. [My staff] had very, very good things to say about the training!!!” (Administrator who flew staff from Indiana to our Florida training)

“The brain presentation [by Dr. Conway] – helps to know what parts of our students’ brains we are targeting. The hands-on experience was so valuable.” (Teacher grades 3 to 5; 5 years experience)