Previous Training and Current Commitments

Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (2005-2011)

The Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System provides diagnostic, instructional, and technology support services to district exceptional education programs and families of students with disabilities.

FDLRS-Springs was provided with training for General Education and Special Education. The educators were taught NOW! Foundations and NOW! Mental ImageryTM skills as well as how to apply these methods in a classroom setting.

Florida School Districts — Alachua/Levy/Marion Counties (2000-2014)

Professional training was held for staff and administrators in NOW! FoundationsTM and NOW! Mental ImageryTM. The Center also provided ongoing support by following up with the educators while they were in school and helped them to use their new language skills to identify students who may potentially have a language disability.

Dyslexia Association of Trinidad and Tobago (2005, 2007, 2010-2013)

The Dyslexia Association is a volunteer organization which was formed in 1990 by a group of teachers and parents concerned for their dyslexic children. The Dyslexia Association is a Registered Charity.

The Center provides ongoing training and support in NOW! FoundationsTM and NOW! Mental ImageryTM to parents, professionals, educators and private tutors.

Dyslexia Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Multi Disciplinary Training Program (MDTP) at the University of Florida

The Multidisciplinary Diagnostic and Training Program (MDTP) is a Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources (FDLRS) specialized university center at the University of Florida in the College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics funded by the Florida Department of Education. FDLRS/UF Multidisciplinary Diagnostic & Training Program (MDTP) is a specialized diagnostic and training center that serves school-aged children and adolescents with complex learning, behavioral, medical and socio-emotional problems, their families, teachers, and schools.

Training in NOW! Foundations and NOW! Mental Imagery was provided, as well as how to apply these methods to an educational setting.

Multi Disciplinary Training Program

Schools affiliations with NOW! Programs include (but are not limited to):

Archer Elementary
Ambleside Schools
Bellview Middle School
Blessed Trinity
Chiles Elementary
Citrus Springs Elementary
DeSoto High School
Eighth Street Elementary
Greenway Elementary
High Springs Elementary
Inverness Primary
Kanapaha Middle
Metcalfe Elementary
St. Patrick’s
Trenton Elementary
Williston Elementary
Williston High School
Bell Elementary
Bell Middle School
Bullock Elementary
Bronson Elementary
Chiefland Elementary
Crystal River Middle School
Einstein School
Ft. King Middle
Hidden Oak Elementary
Homasassa Elementary
Inverness Middle School
Meadowbrook Elementary
South Ocala Elementary
Talbot Elementary
Whispering Winds
Williston Middle
The Villages Charter Schools

Other Professional Associations:

  • Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
  • International Dyslexia Association (IDA)
  • International Neuropsychological Society (INS)
  • Jacksonville Area Speech Pathology Association (JASPA)
  • Marion County Exceptional Student Education Department (MCPS ESED)
  • North East Florida Education Consortium (NEFEC)
  • University of Florida Disability Resource Center (DRC)
  • University of Florida Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Training Program (MDTP)
  • Santa Fe College (SFC)
  • Woodford County Special Education Association (WCSEA)
  • Florida Diagnostic Learning Resource System – FDLRS: Springs

Employee Development Workshops

NOW! Corporation offers training in the research-proven programs used at The Morris Center that specialize in the foundational approach to language acquisition, research-based treatments and evaluations, as well as skill-based instruction to strengthen memory, word retrieval, and expressive language. They are intentionally designed to help maximize the potential of students as well as other treatments or programs used in the reading progress.

Custom workshops will improve your team’s skills, which can decrease training time for new employees, increase employee retention and upward mobility as well as increase employee morale. We offer research-based answers to your questions about how to improve employees’ reading, writing, comprehension and communication abilities. Our team can hold training seminars on-site at The Morris Center or visit your place of employment to conduct workshops within your work station.