Parent and Family Packet – Downloads

Below are PDFs of useful resources to educate and explain what The Morris Center is, how treatment is completed and information on the multiple disciplines in the clinic. Items can be downloaded individually, or a .rar file can be downloaded which contains all the documents (found at the bottom of the page).

If you would like to download all files on this page, click here down download the .rar file. You will need to download the free software Winrar to open the archive. Go to Winrar’s website for more information (Winrar’s website) All PDFs above can be downloaded individually by right-clicking and selecting “Save-As”.


An overview of how Phase I testing is done at The Morris Center in Ocala.

01 – An overview of how Phase I testing is done at The Morris Center in Gainesville.

02 – What is TMC Treatment? A parent’s feedback after treatment.

03 – Unlocking Learning Potential – a cover page on The Morris Center and its history.

04 – What is TMC treatment? Sample outcome from a recent client showing their gains.

05 – An outline of what makes The Morris Center’s programs so different and what sets it apart from other clinics.

06 – Sample outcome data from one of The Morris Center’s research studies and how TMC’s approach is different from all others.

07 – The Morris Center’s neurodevelopmental model of treatment.

08 – Components of treatment at The Morris Center. A look at how the different disciplines work together to address the root causes of a learning disability.

09 – A look at how the Medical component of treatment at The Morris Center can help shape and improve skills, especially in children with ADHD.

10 – A look at how Occupational Therapy component of treatment is critical to the success of treatment at The Morris Center.

10a – A more comprehensive view of the components of Occupational Therapy and how they can be important to daily living and activities.

11 – An overview of the NOW! Foundations of Speech, Language, Reading and SpellingTM program.

12 – An overview of the NOW! Mental ImageryTM program.

13 – An overview of the NOW! Grammar and WritingTM program.

14 – An overview of the NOW! Morphology programTM program.

15 – An overview of the NOW! Math Concept ImageryTM program.

16 – A resource for Parent Education and the role of parental involvement in the success of their child.

17 – An overview of the Transition Unit, a program designed to help students return to school after treatment.

18 – A comparison in cost,duration and effectiveness of typical interventions.

19 – Some tips to evaluating options when considering treatment for your child.

20 – Common Warning Signs (Red Flags) for presence of a learning disability.

21 – A current list of Professional Affiliations of The Morris Center and those currently using NOW! Programs.